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Theme: New technology in nutrition research and practice

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Nutritional Science 2019

About Conference

Theme: New technology in nutrition research and practice

EuroSciCon is organizing an International Conference on Nutritional Science and it focuses on the advancements in the researches and practices that are going on in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Nutrition conferences are mandatory to know about the advancements in the field as in the present scenario researches on Nutrition will have greater impact on various ailments and well-being of life. There is need to know about the advancements as the world is nearing to majority of malnutrition cases.  We invite Researchers, Food Technologists, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Physicians, Doctors and Industrialists to discuss the advancements in the field by attending the Nutrition meetings. The conference will be a platform to present your research and to show your innovations in Nutritional science. The conference is to be on September 23-24, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. Students are also invited to attend the Nutrition summit and gain the knowledge about researches in nutrition.

What’s New

Nutrition Conferences includes international attendee, workshops, lectures and symposia including a designated registration area, a refreshment break and gala lunch. Dieticians and Nutritionists can join the EuroSciCon as an international member to receive discounts on registration. So come and join leading experts and allied professionals from September 23-24, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada to discuss the ways to develop better technologies that will aid in the development of Nutritional Science.

About City:

Vancouver is a standout amongst the most ethnically and phonetically various urban communities in Canada. Vancouver is reliably named as one of the best five overall urban communities for decency and personal satisfaction and the Economist Intelligence Unit recognized it as the main city positioned among the best ten of the world's most well-living urban areas for five continuous years. Vancouver has facilitated numerous global gatherings and occasions, including the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, UN Habitat I, Expo 86, the World Police and Fire Games in 1989 and 2009; and the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics which were held in Vancouver. Vancouver is one of Canada's hottest urban communities in the winter. The late spring months are normally dry, with a normal of just a single in five days amid July and August accepting precipitation. Interestingly, there is some precipitation amid almost a large portion of the days from November through March. Vancouver's grand area makes it a noteworthy visitor goal. Over 10.3 million individuals visited Vancouver in 2017. Yearly, the travel industry contributes roughly $4.8 billion to the Metro Vancouver economy and backings more than 70,000 occupations. Many visit to see the city's patio nurseries, Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, VanDusen Botanical Garden and the mountains, sea, woodland and parklands which encompass the city. Every year over a million people go through Vancouver on journey transport get-aways, regularly destined for Alaska.

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Session Tracks

Track 1: Nutrition And Dietetics

Good mental and physical health is achieved by good nutrition. Eating a proper balanced diet is important part for maintaining a good health. The food you eat determines the way you feel and how your body works. Dietetics is the science that deals how food and nutrition affects human health. The field of dietetics has a strong emphasis on public health and a commitment to educating all people about the importance of choosing proper dietary choices. Nutrition and dietetics are two related fields of life sciences that go hand in hand focus on improving human health and well-being through a well-organised lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

Track 2: Nutrition And Food

Proper management of food intake and nutrition favours good health. Our smart nutrition and food choices can help prevent disease. Eating the right foods can help your body cope more successfully with an ongoing illness. Understanding good nutrition and paying attention to what you eat can help you maintain or improve your health. Food and nutrition are the way that we get fuel, providing energy for our bodies. We need to replace nutrients in our bodies with a new supply every day.

Track 3: Pediatric Nutrition

Pediatric nutritionists are registered dieticians who specialize in paediatrics nutrition. They are in charge of empowering sound sustenance decisions for offspring everything being equal and foundations by surveying and planning nourishing menus. They assume a crucial job in the soundness of youngsters. Pediatric dietary needs shift extensively with age, dimension of action, and ecological conditions and they are straightforwardly identified with the rate of development

Track 4: Animal and Dairy Nutrition

Animal nutrition focuses on the dietary needs of domesticated animals, essentially those in nourishment generation and horticulture. Meeting trained creatures nutritious necessities is basic in keeping up satisfactory execution of neonatal, creating, finishing and raising creatures. Every single living organism require explicit basic supplements to satisfy the organic procedures associated with tissue upkeep and fix, for development and for all other gainful exercises including reproduction, lactation or work.

Track 5: Nutri-Genetics and Nutri-Genomics

Nutritional Genomics focuses around the cooperation between bioactive food segments and the genome, which incorporates Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics. Nutrigenetics is the transaction among nutrition and your very own genetics as a person. Nutrigenomics explores how certain nourishments associate with our qualities to influence our wellbeing. It is the zone of nourishment in which atomic devices, for example, DNA tests are utilized to comprehend people diet reactions.

Track 6: Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals is a term that is utilized to depict any product got from food sources with additional medical advantages notwithstanding the fundamental nutritious benefit found in nourishments. They can be considered non-explicit natural treatments used to advance general prosperity, control indications and avert threatening procedures. A dietary enhancement speaks to an item that contains supplements got from nourishment items, and is regularly gathered in fluid, case, powder or pill form.

Track 7: Pregnancy Nutrition

The food that a woman consumes during her pregnancy is her baby's main source of nourishment. So specialists prescribe that a mother-to-be should opt assortment of healthy food and drinks to give the critical supplements a child requires for development and improvement. Pregnant women need more calcium, folic acids, iron and protein. Their body experiences various physical and hormonal changes amid pregnancy. The manner in which you support your body amid this time will influence your wellbeing and your baby's. You should eat a refreshing, adjusted eating routine to help guarantee you remain solid all through your pregnancy. The sustenance you eat is your infant's principle wellspring of sustenance, so it's basic to expend nourishments that are wealthy in supplements. Appropriate sustenance can help advance your infant's development and improvement.

Track 8: Nutrition in Disease Management

Nutrition is an important for treating certain illnesses. This segment realizes you data nourishing consideration and illness with spotlight on enteral and parenteral sustenance, and sustenance bolster for an extensive variety of conditions, for example, irresistible malady, cardiovascular infection, gastrointestinal ailments, metabolic disorder and diabetes. It likewise incorporates the effect of nourishment on maturing and delicacy, basic consideration bolster post-medical procedure and oncology care.

Track 9: Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Nutrition, physical activity and other healthy walks of life are essential segments in the advancement of wellbeing and in the treatment of disease. Proper nutrition is important to overall health from disease prevention to a fit and healthy body. This helps us to identify a nutritious behavioural, surgical and pharmacologic approach for overweight, obese adult and paediatric patients. It is also important to identify helpful nutrition activities and diet applications and also to recognize the importance of burnout among healthcare providers and approaches to the problem

Track 10: Nutrition and Diabetes

Nutrition and physical activity are imperative parts of a healthy lifestyle for people with diabetes. Alongside different advantages, following a proper food plan and being dynamic can enable you to keep your blood glucose level, likewise called glucose, in your objective range. To deal with your blood glucose, you have to adjust what you eat and drink with physical action and diabetes prescription, on the off chance that you take any. What you eat, the amount you eat, and when you eat are immeasurably critical in keeping your blood glucose level in the range that your human care team prescribes.

Track 11: Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition

When patients have issues with consumption or digestion, it is once in a while important to furnish nutrition with artificial food, which is uniquely detailed to give the correct parity of fats, proteins, sugars, nutrients and minerals. These artificial preparations arrangements can be administered into the gut to be absorbed in the typical way, which is known as Enteral Nutrition. Then again, they might be conveyed into the circulatory system through a dribble to sidestep the gut, which is known as Parenteral Nutrition.

Track 12: Body Weight Management

Weight management is the way towards embracing long term lifestyle to keep up a healthy body weight based on one's age, sex and stature. Techniques for weight management incorporate having healthy diet routine and expanding physical activity levels. Body weight is managed by a few factors including hereditary, physiologic, and behavioral factors. In obesity, an irregularity happens between food intake and energy spent which prompts an overabundance fat accumulation and negative wellbeing outcomes.

Track 13: Allergy and Nutrition

Food allergy is a prevalent problem worldwide these days and about 6–8% of children affected at by it. It is mandatory to note that the nutritional implications involve not only the elimination of essential food from the diet but also the consequent lack of energy, protein or other micro or macro nutrients. Nutrition and diet have been identified in several studies to play an important role in allergic disease. Even though prescribed and over-the-counter drugs suppress allergy symptoms, proper nutrition can effectively strengthen your immune system and helps in avoiding allergy attacks.

Track 14: Cellular and Molecular Nutrition

Cellular and Molecular Nutrition involves the application of cellular and molecular approaches to the study of nutrition to know the drawback of the method and the need to take an integrative view by promoting new strategies and their impact upon nutritional research. Cellular and molecular studies help in better understanding of the mechanisms of disease. These findings thereby assist in evaluating the efficacy of preventive, therapeutic, nutritional interventions. Eventually it leads to more rational strategies for disease contril and prevention. It also detects the gene-nutrient interactions and the mechanisms by which dietary factors influence disease processes which form the basis for nutrition research.

Track 15: Nutritional Endocrinology

Endocrinology is the study of hormone-related diseases. Hormones help in the regulation of metabolism, respiration, growth, reproduction, sensory perception, and movement. Hormone imbalances are the major reason for a wide range of medical ailments. Endocrinology gives focus on the hormones and the glands and tissues that produce them. Proper diet and healthy nutrition helps in maintaining a healthy endocrine system thereby regulating our hormonal balance.

Track 16: Nutritional Psychology

Nutritional psychology studies how nutrients affect mood and behaviour. It is a scientifically-based understanding of how nutrient intake affects mood, stress tolerance, inflammation, energy, sleep, cognition, medication needs, and behavioural problems. It is lined up with the standards of the integrative wellbeing development and is a road for psychological wellness suppliers to additionally take an interest in the integrative wellbeing development and additionally stay aware of the condition of the science. The theme can be seen in two diverse ways. It very well may be seen as sustenance influencing mental capacities, or mental decisions and conduct affecting nourishment and wellbeing. The second debate being the characterizing of what is "solid" or "ordinary" as identified with nourishment.

Track 17: Nutritional Immunology

Nutrition Immunology went for seeing how diet and wholesome elements impact the resistant reactions, along these lines controlling wellbeing and ailment results. Essential rising of healthful immunology is a direct result of the inconvenient impact of hunger on the safe framework. Nutrition inadequacy bargains the safe reaction prompting expanded vulnerability to irresistible maladies, malignant growth, imperfect reaction to inoculations, and other immunological clutters.

Track 18: Nutrition and Cancer Research

Numerous examinations have taken a gander at the likelihood that explicit dietary segments or supplements are related with increments or declines in malignant growth hazard. Investigations of malignant growth cells in the lab and of creature models have now and again given proof that disengaged mixes might be cancer-causing (or have anticancer action). However, with couple of special cases, investigations of human populaces have not yet demonstrated conclusively that any dietary segment causes or secures against malignant growth. Now and then the aftereffects of epidemiologic investigations that contrast the eating regimens of individuals and without malignancy have shown that individuals with and without disease vary in their admission of a specific dietary part.

Track 19: Malnutrition

Malnutrition results from a terrible eating routine or an absence of sustenance. It happens when the admission of supplements or vitality is too high, too low, or ineffectively adjusted. Malnutrition is the deficiency or imbalances in a nutrients or energy consumed by an individual. The term Malnutrition covers 2 general gatherings of conditions. One is 'undernutrition'— which incorporates hindering (low tallness for age), squandering (low weight for stature), underweight (low weight for age) and micronutrient inadequacies or deficiencies (an absence of critical nutrients and minerals). The other is overweight, weight and diet-related non communicable ailments, (for example, coronary illness, stroke, diabetes and malignant growth).

Track 20: Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition is the examination and routine with regards to sustenance and diet concerning enhancing anybody's athletic execution. Nutrition is a vital piece of numerous games preparing regimens, being mainstream in quality games, (for example, weightlifting and working out) and continuance sports (e.g. cycling, running, swimming, paddling). Sports Nutrition concentrates its investigations on the sort, and the amount of liquids and sustenance taken by a competitor. What's more, it manages the utilization of supplements, for example, nutrients, minerals, enhancements and natural substances that incorporate starches, proteins and fats.

Track 21: Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease

With rising obesity, in spite of low-fat eating regimen proposals, there is an expanded enthusiasm for weight reduction and elective dietary methodologies for cardiovascular wellbeing. Doctors must have a comprehension of the writing to all the more likely advice their patients about eating regimens and cardiovascular ailment. This survey analyses a few dietary ways to deal with cardiovascular wellbeing and assesses the accessible logical proof in regards to these weight control plans. Dietary exhortation with respect to cardiovascular malady (CVD) counteractive action is mind boggling. Much perplexity originates from the absence of conclusive information on accessible eating regimens and their potential medical advantages.

Track 22: Nutritional Epidemiology

Gathering proof of a connection among diet and common chronic disease has prompted new examinations in nourishing the study of disease transmission. Nourishing the study of disease transmission is a territory of the study of disease transmission that includes research to look at the job of sustenance in the etiology of infection; screen the dietary status of populaces and to create and assess mediations to accomplish and keep up empowering eating designs among populaces.

Track 23: Nutritional Cognitive neuroscience

Nutritional cognitive neuroscience is an emerging multidimensional field of research that helps to understand the impact of nutrition on cognition and brain health throughout the life span. Researches in this field demonstrates several aspects of nutrition such as deciding an entire diet to specific nutrient that affects the brain structure and function, and therefore have an important need for understanding the nature of healthy brain aging. By intersecting cutting-edge techniques from nutritional epidemiology and cognitive neuroscience, the study will continue to advance the understanding of the beneficial effects of nutrition on the aging human brain.

Track 24: Nutritional therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in promoting health by providing individual care. The method uses a wide range of tools to measure and identify important nutritional imbalances and understand how it affects the individual’s symptoms and health concerns. This therapy allows them to work with individuals to help them with nutritional balance and support the body in maintaining proper health. Nutritional Therapy is considered as a alternate medicine and is suitable for individuals with chronic conditions and also for people who require support for their health and wellbeing.

Track 25: Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a serious public health challenge of the century. It is a global problem and is affects the living and future generation of many low-and middle-income countries. The prevalence has increased with a fast pace. Obese and overweight children have a chance to stay obese even during their adulthood and can develop major health diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at a younger age. Prevention of childhood obesity is of high priority and so proper physical exercise and health food habits should be followed.

Track 26: Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition deals with the nutrition of health care patients. It refers to the management of inpatients and outpatients at the clinics. Nutrition and dietetics are the main scientific fields that help in maintaining the patient’s health. . Clinical nutritionists aim to keep a balance in the energy balance as well as nutrients balance in patients by providing sufficient amounts nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals through diet.

Track 27: Public Health Research

Public health is monitored with the prevention and control of disease through surveillance of the population and by promoting healthy behaviours. The steps taken to promote public health include patient education, administrating vaccines and other combinations of preventive medicine. Public Health Research aims to focus on the influence of health determining factors like genetic, environmental, social, etc. which helps in determining population health. The main objective is to use this knowledge to propose new dimension in policy making and based on scientific results to help improve health, well-being, and reduce health inequalities.

Track 28: Nutritional Education and Behavioural Science

The study focusses the impact of behavioural and emotional processes on diseases and the health outcomes. It implements the study’s results to reduce the risks that occur in diseased condition and in improving the health.  The research further focuses on the impact of human behaviour on health and its outcomes. Also it includes the interdisciplinary approach to health and wellbeing focusing on public health issues, such as addiction, obesity cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Track 29: Women Nutrition

A balanced diet helps in maintenance of health. Women should have a variety of healthy foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, dairy and protein. But they also have specific nutrient demands during each stage of her life. Compared to men, women need a fewer calories to maintain a healthy body weight and a good activity level. However women who are physically active require more calories to support their lifestyle. Regular exercise is an integral part of a woman's health and it helps with weight control, muscle strength and in their stress management.

Track 30: Current research in Nutrition

The recent research in nutrition  deals with nutritional epidemiology and its management, nutrition, food insecurity, safety of probiotic nutrition , innovative techniques in food processing, food risks and safety  example being genetically modified foods, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics,  importance of nutritional sciences in the treatment of various diseases like cancer and nutrition analysis tools and softwares.




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